Cement Industry

cement plantElectrical and Control systems engineering value increased in the recent years due to the progress made in development of more efficient power distribution equipment, control, instrumentation and computer systems.

EDEC engineers have many years of experience in the basics of electrical, control and instrumentation system design for cement industry.  We are staying on top of the new leading edge technologies. The special fields of knowledge include process instrumentation and control system, regulatory compliance, communication networks and computer technology.


Our engineers will provide you with the following services:


  • Selection of process control, power distribution and instrumentation system components
  • Prepare drawings, specifications and evaluation of power and control systems
  • Provide field construction management, checkout, testing, inspections, and start-up assistance
  • Coordinate specifications for process equipment and design of installations in hazardous areas 
  • Prepare design documents for electrical systems including power, grounding, lightning protection, lighting, communications, and controls
  • Prepare comprehensive electrical system study including short circuit, relay coordination and arc flash analysis
  • Value engineering, commissioning, and on-site assistance